About Us

Isabelle Etter, M.Ed. was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. She graduated from the Institute of Social Studies in Geneva, Switzerland “Institut d’Etudes Sociales” (IES) and has worked with children and adolescents in Switzerland for over 10 years. In 1998, she completed the ILEX program International Learning Exchange in Social Pedagogy associated with the University of Connecticut and shared her working method with child care professionals in Chicago, IL. She also studied at the Montessori Institute of San Diego, CA, graduated from the “Association Montessori Internationale” (AMI) and completed her Masters degree in Montessori Education at Loyola College in Maryland.

Growing up bilingual French and Swiss-German, Isabelle first studied foreign languages. She is fluent in French, Swiss-German, German, English, and Italian and is knowledgeable in Spanish. Passionate about languages, she hesitated on becoming an interpreter but a strong interest in education decided otherwise. Combining her love for languages and social education, Isabelle found an excellent balance teaching French and German to children, college students and adults for over 15 years.

Since her childhood Isabelle has visited many countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America. She especially recalls her first solo experience realized at the age of 16 in the Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean. There, she particularly enjoyed indigenous authentic values. She has since used her language and social skills to deepen her interactions with individuals of various population allowing her to learn and understand their values and social functioning.

Many European families apply the Montessori approach and Isabelle grew up inspired by it. Therefore she took a natural interest in studying Maria Montessori’s work in education. She rapidly and successfully accomplished her varies degrees and has worked as a Montessori educator in different Montessori schools.

Combining her solid experience as social pedagogue and Montessori educator makes Isabelle a leader in the understanding of child development. Her skills have benefited many children and parents. Isabelle has started sharing her knowledge and work experience in Switzerland and the United States with parents and other professionals in the field of education who fully encouraged her to benefit other individuals concerned with the education of the young generation of today.

Active Montessori educator at Montessori Seeds of Knowledge School in Vich, Switzerland, Isabelle has been involved in a number of projects such as helping parents to easily apply the Montessori approach at home with their children to fully enjoy its tremendous value. Her guide for parents who are looking for a Montessori school helping them to find the right school for their loved one (Montessori School Guide For Parents, How easily find and evaluate a Montessori preschool) is available in French and English.

Isabelle Etter is also mum of a 10 year old boy who has attended Montessori school curricula since age 2.